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Children are rewarding, stimulating and fun, but looking after them can be stressful and challenging! The Nurturing Programme (sometimes call the Parenting Puzzle) helps deal with those challenges so that you can have a calmer, happier life.  The course covers lots of different topics, including

    • Understanding why children behave as they do
    • Recognising the feelings behind behaviour (ours and theirs)
    • Exploring different approaches to discipline
    • Finding ways to develop co-operation and self-discipline in children
    • Learning the importance of looking after ourselves

It’s easier to make changes when we are able to share ideas and have the support of others, which is why our parent groups are so successful.  The 10 Week Parenting Puzzle course, 4 Week Parenting Puzzle Workshops and Talking Teens groups run in a variety of locations – including schools, Children’s Centres and local community centres – throughout Surrey each term. To find a Family Links parent group near you, click here

  • The 10 Week Parenting Puzzle course explores the Nurturing Programme in depth.  It is suitable for children of all ages although some courses may be run for specific groups.
  • The 4  Week Parenting Puzzle Workshops are mainly run in Children’s Centres for parents of under 5s.  However, these workshops also run in some schools for primary aged children.
  • Talking Teens groups follow a 4 week programme for parents of teenagers.

Comments from parents:

“I am a much more confident, positive and understanding parent. I feel more able to cope now”

“We are having less family arguments and the household is a lot calmer.”

Watch this short video to see how the Parenting Puzzle has made a difference for one family in Surrey.

The Parenting Puzzle by Candida Hunt also enables anyone to access some support for themselves. Books are available to purchase from the national Family Links website or other booksellers.

For more information about national Family Links, please click here, or visit their parents pages for great ideas and resources for you to download.