FAQs for HENRY in Surrey Group Facilitators & 1-to-1 Practitioners

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We are here at Surrey Nurturing Links to support you as Group Facilitators (GFs) and 1-to-1 Practitioners. The answers to some of the most commonly asked questions can be found below but if you have any other queries about setting up or running a parent group or one to one programme, including finding a co-facilitator, please feel free to contact us by email or call us on 01483 225596.

Who do I need to inform about running a HENRY parent group or working one to one with a new family?  As well as advertising your course to parents, please contact us by phone or email to give details of your forthcoming parent group (day, time, venue, facilitators and crèche details). This enables us to advertise your parent group on our website (this is optional) and it also keeps our records up to date of active GFs and the number of courses you have run. If you are a 1-to-1 Practitioner and are working with a family using the one to one programme, please let us know so we can maintain our records and offer you a funded toolkit if available.pulse-chart-x

What do I need to do to maintain my Status as a HENRY GF or 1-to-1 Practitioner?  To maintain your status as a GF you should run at least one parent group a year; 1-to-1 Practitioners should work with at least one family a year. In addition, GFs and 1-to-1 Practitioners should attend refresher training annually.   If you are unsure about your status, please contact us to discuss this.

Where do I find the paperwork I need to run my HENRY parent group or one to one programme?  Everything you need to run your group or one to one programme can be found on the HENRY website. Please contact us for details if you are unable to find your link.  Please remember to print questionnaires directly from the website each time as photocopies cannot be scanned.  Advertising materials, pre- and post-course questionnaires, evaluations and final review forms are available, as well as Top Tips for GFs and 1-to-1 Practitioners.

Where can I order HENRY parent toolkits?  To order HENRY parent toolkits, please contact us at Surrey Nurturing Links so we can order them on your behalf. The invoice and toolkits will be sent directly to you.  Please allow 5 weeks for delivery (including processing payment).  We have a limited amount of funding to pay for toolkits for 1-to-1 Practitioners working one to one with families – please contact us for further details.

What do I do with paperwork at the end of the programme?  Please return your paperwork to us here at Surrey Nurturing Links at the end of your parent group or one to one work. Please click on the links to download a checklist of what is to be returned.

What about Supervision?  HENRY SupervisionAll HENRY GFs and 1-to-1 Practitioners should attend HENRY supervision session during each course. We will arrange HENRY group supervision at least once each term and invite everyone who is running a group or working one to one.  If you need supervision or support at any other time, you are very welcome to get in touch with us by phone or email.

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