HENRY Training for Health and Community Practitioners 

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The following training courses are being offered in Surrey. They will support health and community practitioners in meeting targets set by local and national government to reduce and prevent childhood obesity, to promote a healthy family lifestyle and to support a child’s readiness for school.

Core Training

The 2-day training equips practitioners with the skills to offer one-to-one support to parents with young children. It includes:

  • Why it is important to focus on babies  and toddlers
  • An introduction to the Family Partnership Model
  • Healthy eating and healthy eating patterns
  • How to encourage an active way of life
  • Solution focused approaches to families’ issues
  • Parenting skills for a healthy lifestyle
  • Recharging our own batteries

Group Facilitation Training

The 2-day group facilitation training builds on the knowledge and skills of the Core Training, and enables practitioners to run the 8 week Healthy Families ‘Right from the Start with HENRY’ Group Programme for groups of parents and carers.

The HENRY Group Programme is designed to give parents and carers of children up to the age of 5 years the tools and skills they need to provide a healthy family lifestyle.

The course has a number of themes:

  •      attitudes and skills for authoritative parenting
  •      information about healthy eating for the family
  •      appreciation of the importance of physical activity
  •      developing a positive attitude to change
  •      understanding and harnessing emotions, building empathy
  •      increased self-belief and enhances self-esteem

For a list of ‘Right from the Start with HENRY’ parent groups click here

1-to-1 Practitioner Training

A second-stage 1 day training  for those who have already attended the Core Training which equips practitioners to undertake structured one-to-one work with parents of young children at risk of, or who already have, obesity using an outcomes-based support tool.

For information on how to signpost a family to a trained HENRY 1-to-1 Practitioner please contact Rachel Loxton, HENRY Project Support Worker.

A Healthy Start in Childcare Training 

This one day training builds knowledge and skills for all those working directly with babies and young children: daycare and nursery staff and childminders.

Forthcoming HENRY Training

For details on any of the following forthcoming trainings, please contact Rachel Loxton for proposed dates and further information.

  • HENRY Core Training 10th & 11th October 2018
  • HENRY Group Facilitator Training  5th & 6th December 2018
  • HENRY Refresher Training (HENRY Group Facilitators only) 15th January 2019
  • HENRY 1-to-1 Practitioner Training (no dates currently available)
  • HENRY Healthy Start in Childcare Training Wednesday 27th March 2019

Research has shown that HENRY training resulted in:

  • increased practitioner confidence to tackle complex and sensitive lifestyle issues
  • long-term changes to practice with practitioners continuing to use the knowledge and skills gained for many years
  • improved child and family outcomes

All HENRY trainings:

  • are underpinned by the latest research into the complex factors that protect against or lead to obesity in young children
  • are accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health
  • take a holistic approach to tackling child obesity
  • are practical, reflective, fun – and effective