Parent Group Leaders in Surrey

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We are here at Surrey Nurturing Links to support you as Parent Group Leaders (PGLs). The answers to some of the most commonly asked questions can be found below but if you have any other queries about setting up or running a parent group, including finding a co-facilitator, please feel free to contact us by email or call us on 01483 225596.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Recognition Number?  When you complete your Parent Group Leader Training, you will be sent a Recognition Number by the national Family Links organisation. We also have a record of your number if you are unable to locate it.

Who do I need to inform about running a group in Surrey?  As well as advertising your course to parents, please email us or phone 01483 225596 or to give details of your forthcoming parent group (day, time, venue, facilitators and crèche details). As well as enabling us to advertise your course on our website (this is optional), it keeps our records up to date of active Parent Group Leaders and the number of courses you have run.boxes

Where do I find the paperwork I need to run my parent group?  Everything you need to run your group can be found on the log-in area of the national Family Links website. This includes forms for PGLs and parents, practice sheets, weekly handouts and evaluations as well as updates to the Parent Group Leader Handbook.  In order to access the log-in area, please contact Family Links on 01865 401800 or email them with details of your Recognition Number and date of training, and they will send you log-in details.

Where can I order parent group resources?  To order Parenting Puzzle handbooks at a reduced rate, Family Links bags, magnets, the Nurturing game etc, please contact the national Family Links office on 01865 401800 or purchase via their online shop.

Where can I find the Parenting Top Tips?  Parenting Top Tips can be downloaded from the Family Links pages for parents.

What do I do with paperwork at the end of the course?  At the end of your Parenting Puzzle course, you should return selected paperwork to us here at Surrey Nurturing Links. Please click here to download a checklist of what is to be returned.

What should I do with evaluations? If you have used evaluations such as WEMBS or SDQs Family Links can provide you with a spreadsheet to calculate the difference in the pre and post group scores.  If you’d like more information contact


What about Supervision?  All PGLs should attend at least one supervision session during each course. This could be included in any supervision undertaken as part of your current job role; however, if you do not have access to supervision, please contact us so we can help you find suitable supervision opportunities.

Surrey Training for Qualified Parent Group Leaders

For details of forthcoming Parenting Puzzle Workshops and Antenatal Orientation training, please click here.

Surrey annual Refresher Training normally takes place in the summer and early autumn.  Please click here for dates and booking details.

What is Accreditation Training?

Parent Group Leaders who have run at least 3 parent groups are eligible to apply to become an Open College Network Tutor/Assessor. This would enable you to support parents in your groups to enhance their learning, by completing an additional portfolio of work alongside attendance at the 10 week course.  This is then submitted to the OCN to obtain 6 credits at Level 1 or Level 2.

The PGL tutor training is a Distance Learning model which can be arranged around your workload. It takes approximately 6 weeks with guidance and support from a Family Links Assessor.  For more information, please contact

Level 3 and 4 Working with Parents accreditation is also available through Family Links. Please contact for more details.