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The Nurturing Schools Network is the overarching name for Family Links’ education programme, linking schools and initial teacher education providers and encompassing their innovative range of training courses and resources for schools.

A number of Surrey schools have received Family Links school training over the last 14 years and those that have trained recently or maintained the programme in their schools are eligible to join.

If you work with families of school age children and are interested in training to work with parents, please also see our Parent Group Leader Training.

The Aims of the Nurturing Schools Network are:

Aspire: We believe that being emotionally healthy, having robust levels of self-esteem and a sense of empowerment, choice and responsibility will support the aspirations of children and adults to reach their potential and make the most out of school life.

Flourish: We support school communities where individuals feel valued, understood, and respected. Our courses encourage empathy, positive relationships & improved communication, and provide skills and strategies to promote emotional health, resilience and wellbeing.

Achieve: We provide tools to create a learning environment which is focused, disciplined and purposeful; where there is respectful communication, guidance without criticism, and a positive climate in which everyone can achieve their goals.

Anyone who takes part in NSN training programmes going forward will automatically become an NSN member.

Surrey Nurturing Links co-ordinates all Family Links work within Surrey. If you would like to find out about specific NSN training for your school please email Stephanie at Surrey Nurturing Links or call 01483 225596.  More information about schools trainings can be found on the national Family Links website.

Here is a short YouTube video about the Family Links Nurturing Schools Network whole school approach