Who We Are

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Surrey Nurturing Links is a registered charity based in Surrey. We offer a range of training programmes and workshops, some from specific programmes such as the Family Links or HENRY (Health Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young) or others of a bespoke nature. We also offer a project management service for projects that fit within the aims of the charity.

On our website, we list Parent Groups in Surrey from both the Family Links and HENRY projects, thus enabling parents to find the most convenient course for them in terms of both location and timing.

Our Aims

Surrey Nurturing Links exists to promote the health and emotional well-being and safety of children and families in Surrey to enable individuals to fulfill their potential and become responsible citizens. The charity aims to do this through the education, support and training of children, parents, carers and staff working with children and families in a diverse range of settings.

SNL Trustees

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The SNL Team